Awesome Tees

 CLIENT  Personal / Side project

 ROLE  Founder

 DATE  2011 — 2015

Awesome Tees is a side project I started in 2011, throught my passion about TV shows. It just began as a simple idea and concept, then it came to life as a bigger project. I created and developed the brand (e-shop, social media), designed all the t-shirts,...

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After the initial idea, I created the branding, the website and designed several tees along the way. I run the whole project by myself (design, social media, handling orders,...). It was an interesting and challenging project, I learned a lot. I understood that running a business could be frustating and exhausting, but also rewarding.


The Awesome Tees

I designed 8 tees from different TV shows that I enjoy. Some characters have a very strong personality and are charismatic. I therefore used their favorite quotes or catchphrase.
Shows are : How I Met Your Mother (Legendary :)), The Big Bang Theory, Dexter, Desperate Housewives & Californication.